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MARSHALL CONFLICT RESOLUTION handles a wide variety of mediations and arbitrations. We are experienced in mediating divorce, labor and employment, and community disputes. Our goal is to help clients reduce the cost of litigation and avoid the experience of a trial.Our organization is committed to resolving the parties’ disputes by providing them a safe atmosphere with a balance of people-skills and honesty. Any discussions that take place during mediations are confidential. In mediations, we don’t decide for the parties. We listen and guide the parties to their own voluntary resolutions. In those rare occasions when the parties are unable to resolve some or all of their disputes, and the parties are not involved in a court-ordered mediation or divorce mediation, Marshall Conflict Resolution is willing to provide skilled arbitration services if mutually requested by the parties.

Arbitrating Workplace Disputes

When disputes between employers, labor organizations, and employees have escalated and a situation seems headed for litigation, arbitration can provide a less disruptive solution.  Workplace arbitration is less expensive and less time consuming than litigation, but it still provides an authoritative solution to disputes.

and mediation are somewhat similar, but there are a few distinct differences.  Arbitrators make final decisions based on evidence presented during the proceedings, whereas a mediator guides parties toward a solution.  A mediator provides counsel and offers suggestions, but an arbitrator makes a decision.

Arbitration brings together disputing parties with a neutral facilitator who is usually an attorney.  He or she hears all sides of an argument and renders a decision, which is final and binding.  The hearing is less formal than court proceedings, but is more structured than mediation.

If you fear litigation could be in your future regarding an issue with an employee or you are an employee or labor organization who believes an issue cannot be solved without a binding agreement, arbitration offers an effective alternative to litigation.  To learn more, contact Marshall Conflict Resolution at (301)717-9261 to discuss the potential for using arbitration to solve a workplace dispute.

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