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Introduction to Dispute Resolution in Maine


If you are involved in litigation or in a dispute in Maine that may lead to court, I can help you resolve it promptly, efficiently, and at a minimum expense. To do this I combine my fourteen years of experience as a judge of the Maine state courts with an extensive background as a trial attorney and as a student of the law.


Review my professional background, including my varied experiences as a judge in Maine state courts, as a litigator in private practice and in a prosecutor's office, and as a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Law School.

Consider the variety of cases I have resolved through my Dispute Resolution Service.

Read about how I resolve disputes.

Review my fees and my fee agreement.

Read some of my publications and judicial decisions.

Find out where my office is; when I am available; how to contact me.


If you ask me to mediate your case, I will meet with you and the other party or parties, learn about the facts and issues, and try to work out an agreement. I prefer mediating cases to all other methods of dispute resolution because the parties remain in charge of the outcome-they decide how to resolve it. That means they don't surrender control of the case to anyone else.  

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