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Insurance Expert Network, LLC (IEN) has over 100 Certified Insurance Arbitrators nationwide who are highly experienced in nearly every facet of the insurance industry.  Many IEN Arbitrators hold certifications from ARIAS-US and other organizations. When the dispute is centered on insurance issues, there can be no better arbitrator than an insurance expert


Contacting IEN provides you access to personnel who are experienced insurance professionals, experts and certified arbitrators. IEN provides unparalleled assistance in choosing the best possible insurance arbitrator.


Professional arbitration, especially when involving insurance requires technical insurance industry specific knowledge and experience in order to bring about successful insurance arbitration. Working with IEN provides you access to some of the most capable insurance arbitrators and you will have


      No charge for IEN services

      Direct communication with a Qualified Arbitrator often within 24-48 hours

      Availability of non-lawyers and lawyer arbitrators

      Insurance industry professionals to work with every step of the way


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