Donald G. Thompson

Mediator & Arbitrator
Terre Haute, Indiana 46801


Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury
Real Estate
Sexual Harassment




1976 – 2011  INDIANA STATE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION – District Director

            1976-1988 – Crawfordsville District Director (14 bargaining units)

            1988-2011 – Lafayette District Director (8 to 14 bargaining units)


            Primary Responsibility:  Labor Relations/ Collective Bargaining


                                    Collective Bargaining:


-Responsible for working with negotiating committees to develop bargaining proposals

-Coordination of local bargaining goals/needs with state and national priorities

-Drafting contract language including:

            Salary structures

            Hourly compensation in addition to salary

Health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance plans (sent and/or reviewed requests for quotes to third party benefits vendors; analyzed vendor proposals as to plan design and cost

-Retirement plans

-Buy-out/restructuring of under-funded retirement plans through 401(a); 403(b) tax sheltered

plans (worked with attorneys from Ice Miller and Bose-McKinney to implement these plans; participated in reviewing RFP presentations from third-party benefits vendors, including proposed administrative services agreements from VALIC, Met Life, TIAA-CREF)

                        Recognition clauses

                        Zipper clauses

                        Management Rights clauses

                        Employee discipline, discharge and due process procedures


Reduction in Force/layoff and recall provisions (seniority provisions; merit provisions)

                        Days and Hours (length of the work year; work day; holiday periods


-Costing fiscal impact of economic proposals

-Analyzing budgets

-Chief spokesperson/negotiator at the bargaining tables; determining bargaining strategy;

caucuses; counter-proposals; side-bar discussions with opposing spokesperson

-Managing assignments within the negotiations committee

-Chief spokesperson during impasse-mediation through IEERB

-Chief spokesperson during Win-Win Interest Based collective bargaining facilitated by IEERB

and also by FMCS

-Develop and present Fact-Finding Reports before the Indiana Education Employment Relations

Board (IEERB)

- Presented training for negotiations teams in budget analysis, costing and financial aspects of  

bargaining; just cause and due process considerations in contract negotiations; drafting contract language; contract interpretation in arbitration.

- Drafted, prepared, presented and briefed Unfair Labor Practice complaints before the IEERB



                                    Labor Relations


-Drafted, prepared, presented and briefed Unit clarification petitions before the IEERB

-Filed Unfair Labor Practice Complaints with the NLRB; dealt with deferral to arbitration issues

-Prepared, or litigated and briefed labor arbitration cases before AAA arbitrators on the

following issues:

                        -contract interpretation





                                    -reduction in force/layoff       


                                    -discharge from employment

                                    -performance evaluation

                                    -unit work/subcontracting


-Conducted administrative hearings before local school boards

-Conducted administrative hearings before the IEERB

-Conducted Unemployment Compensation hearings

-Negotiated separation from employment agreements in lieu of due process hearings


1986 – 2011


ATTORNEY – part time general practice concentrating in consumer bankruptcy


2011 – Present           


ATTORNEY – full time general practice concentrating in consumer bankruptcy; social security disability; estate planning; probate.  Also handling family law; contract law; personal injury law, and general litigation.

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