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Divorce Modification and Enforcement
Legal Malpractice
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Partnership Disputes
Personal Injury
Product Liability
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Real Estate
Wrongful Death


Judge Barry C. Schneider (Ret.) served on the Maricopa County Superior Court for 21 years, from 1986 to 2007. He first practiced in New York City and moved to Phoenix in 1971. He was an associate at Langerman, Begam, Lewis, Leonard & Marks until 1977, when he formed the partnership Rosen & Schneider, Ltd. He has a strong background in Arizona civil litigation from the perspective of both a judge and a civil trial attorney. While on the bench, he served on the Criminal Department, in addition to serving as Presiding Civil Department Judge and Presiding Family Law Judge. His 18-month tenure on the Arizona Supreme Court’s Committee on Jury Reform led to groundbreaking changes in the rules and practice of jury trials in Arizona.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Expertise

Judge Schneider has been instrumental in establishing ADR as part of the legal culture in the Arizona community. Shortly after his appointment to the bench, Judge Schneider attended the Arizona Supreme Court’s first-ever Settlement Conference Workshop and recognized the need for the court to provide ADR services to the public. He was one of four judges to participate in a pilot project giving judges the authority to order parties to attend settlement conferences conducted by one of the pilot judges. The settlement conferences occurred in cases assigned to the pilot judges approximately 60–90 days before the trial date. The success of the project ultimately led to the adoption of a statewide rule of civil procedure, which gave all the Superior Court judges in the state, as well as any party in the litigation, the power to compel settlement conferences to be held at the courthouse at no cost to the parties. That rule is still in effect and is widely used. Judge Schneider trained many Arizona judges in ADR proceedings and techniques, and conducted hundreds of settlement conferences in all types of civil cases, including medical and ordinary negligence, products liability, and commercial litigation. He also provided early leadership in the promotion and development of summary jury trials in Maricopa County, leading to the adoption of the highly successful short trial program in Maricopa County. He has published articles in  the  American  Bar Association publication Litigation describing his experiences.  He is certified by the American Arbitration Association as a neutral


Judge Schneider provides mediation services for a large variety of civil cases:

  • Partnership/LLC dissolution
  • Marital dissolution
  • Probate disputes
  • Condemnation
  • Defective highway design
  • 1983 actions (deprivation of rights)
  • Debt collection
  • Ordinary negligence
  • Subrogation cases


Special Discovery Master

Judge Schneider’s experience on the Bench has enabled him to be appointed as a Special Discovery Master both in federal and state courts. His assignments have included:

  • Federal lawsuit on an accelerated schedule for a trial between a national railroad company and major utility companies involving a breach of contract claim with millions of dollars at stake
  • Wrongful death/products liability suit against a national tire company involving sensitive trade secret issues
  • Wrongful death/product liability suit involving a gas explosion allegedly caused by major utility
  • Probate/divorce case involving complicated discovery issues concerning millions of dollars
  • Attorney/client privilege issues in an insurance company bad faith case


Expert Witness

Judge Schneider has been asked to serve as an expert in a variety of cases, including:

  • Reasonableness of attorneys’ fees alleged as damages in an arbitration against a title insurance company
  • Reasonable settlement amount in a Himes v. Safeway, 205 Ariz. 31, 66 P.3d 74 (App. 2003) hearing
  • Reasonableness of guardian ad litem fees in probate proceeding
  • Reasonableness of on award of child support in a dissolution proceeding
  • Reasonableness of attorney and client conduct in break up of an LLC.



Judge Schneider has provided services as a non-testifying consultant to give a judicial perspective to complement and enhance your litigation strategy


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