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Save Money with Divorce Arbitration

Monday, March, 28, 2011

When divorcing couples have difficulty settling their own disagreements, arbitration is an effective and affordable alternative to litigation. In arbitration, the couple agrees to allow a third party arbitration attorney to make a ruling on the case. Each partner will explain his or her side of the case to the arbitration attorney, who submits a decision after listening to all the facts and evidence that are presented. Arbitration generally costs much less than hiring a lawyer, as couples can receive a decision about their disputes after a few sessions. In contrast, legal procedures can stretch on for months, with legal and court fees continuously accruing.


Minimizing the Costs of Divorce with Arbitration


Couples should not confuse arbitration with mediation, which is a method in which couples settle disputes between themselves. When a couple goes through arbitration, each partner must agree to abide by the arbitration attorney's decision. In most arbitration cases, the final decision cannot be appealed. For this reason, couples must be careful when choosing an arbitration attorney. Though many people will have their lawyers present during arbitration hearings, the whole process is still much more cost-effective than litigation. Several sessions with an arbitration attorney are generally much cheaper than hiring a lawyer for representation in court. Arbitration can also be solved more quickly and without court costs.

Divorce arbitration proceedings also have greater costs than those incurred by lawyers and courts. Couples will invest a great amount of time and suffer under emotional duress. With arbitration, couples save themselves from the time-consuming costs of court battles. The stresses of fluctuating court decisions can have a great impact on divorcing partners. By choosing arbitration, couples instead benefit from an efficient procedure with the guarantee of a decision.


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