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Employment Arbitration Rulings A Mixed Bag For Clark County NV

Monday, May, 21, 2012

One employment arbitration in Clark County, Nevada forced the county to eat crow over the termination of a firefighter and give him his job back. A different arbitration with the firefighters looks much better for the county, but not nearly as positive for firefighters overall.

The Legal Arbitration Over the Fired Firefighter About a year ago, Donald Munn was fired for suspicion of abusing sick-leave privileges. The ruling in that case said that the county had insufficient evidence and lacked reasonable suspicion that Munn had breached his contract with the county that way. However, the arbitrator, Michael Rappaport, did reprimand Dunn for violating a policy that banned the use of government computers to inform a coworker the way to "call in sick on days that he had previously scheduled for vacation."


The arbitration awarded Dunn reinstatement in his former position, back pay and made the county pay for the arbitration. All told, this cost the county $165,000.

Second Arbitration Award More Than Makes Up for This Loss


While the arbitration attorney in the Dunn case expressed great dissatisfaction over that ruling, the county certainly has no reason to complain about the ruling regarding general employment arbitration and contracts for the firefighters will free up around $30 million in county spending.


This resolution had substantially cut wages for firefighters and resolved several problems with the way the county dealt with long-term disability benefits. Of this massive financial infusion, $8 million is suggested to be spent on the county's part of the Las Vegas Police's worker's compensation fund for prison and detention center employees. Of the rest of the money, the county remains undecided as to how they will allot it.