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Divorce Arbitration—When you want to get it done and get on with your life

Wednesday, November, 14, 2012


Divorce is not an easy situation.  In fact, even the most straight-forward and unemotional divorce imaginable is one that is long, arduous, difficult and frustrating.  Emotional bonds are never easy to break, even if love has been long lost.  When you’re dealing with misplaced trust and failed hopes, people can become complicated creatures. There is very little the human being WON’T do to save face when embarrassed or betrayed, and this is never more evident than in a divorce.   

Add to this the costly and very-public process of litigation and divorce becomes a nightmare episode that doesn’t seem to ever end.  In litigation, a couple’s private matters are very publically displayed, and they must present these private matters to a public court.  Divorce arbitration, on the other hand, remains private, confidential, low-key, inexpensive and just as legally binding as a judge’s ruling.  Divorce arbitration allows the matter to be dealt with quickly and as smoothly as possible, while a resolution is reached by a third party who has no connection with either individual involved in the conflict. 

In divorce arbitration, a divorcing couple will present the facts of their circumstance and case to a non-biased, third party that they both play a role in choosing.  This third party legal expert is likely to have been a judge before working as an arbitrator, but will be guaranteed to have experience in divorce laws in your state.  He or she will give both parties an opportunity to state their case and provide evidence that they want to submit for the arbitrator’s consideration.  Both parties can also hire lawyers to assist in this process if they feel they need additional legal representation, but many people enter into arbitration on their own without an attorney, which is part of the reason arbitration costs much less than litigation. 

After the divorce arbitrator hears and sees the details of your specific case, he or she will likely take a few days to consider a decision.  Once a decision is made, it is legally binding for both you and your (now former) spouse.  While the outcome of a litigated divorce is often one that is full of bitterness and large attorney bills, the outcome of divorce arbitration is far more agreeable, less costly, and more private.  It’s the perfect option for parties who don’t wish to make their personal lives public while paying out the nose to do it!