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Both Sides Playing Hardball in Rodriguez Arbitration

Tuesday, November, 5, 2013


It’s hardball tactics now for both sides participating in arbitration in the Alex Rodriguez doping case.  Not only was Rodriguez’ trainer subpoenaed when he was out shopping with his family; but also, a caddie for the league’s second-in-command, Robert D. Manfred, was tracked down to ascertain what Mr. Manfred had revealed indiscreetly about the case while playing a round of golf in West Nyack, New York. 


It has been almost a year since the case against Mr. Rodriguez began, when he along with several other league players were connected to a clinic in South Florida that is alleged to have given banned substances to professional athletes.  Since that time, the arbitration process has been one that is filled with secretive moves by attorneys and researchers from both sides, using investigative tactics that have been labeled by many news sources as “extraordinary” and “dirty.”  In fact, the struggle has turned into a revelation of just how far Major League Baseball will go to prove that one of its most well-known stars has been cheating. 


The use of the word “hardball” when describing tactics surrounding this particular arbitration case is deserved.  Not only has it been reported that witnesses have been threatened and harassed on both sides since the investigation began, but some witnesses were even reported to have been paid more than $10,000 to keep silent about what they know.  Other witnesses have changed their stories over time, making the stories inconsistent at best.