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Arbitration Process Not Easy for North Liberty Police Department

Friday, May, 13, 2011

Although the arbitration process can often produce outcomes that are positive for both sides in a dispute, getting to that point is not always a simple matter.  An example of this emerged this week in Iowa, where the police officers' union for the North Liberty Police Department had been in contract arbitration talks with the city.


Arbitration attorney Lon Moeller of Iowa City heard both sides and issued a decision that favored the police officers' union in eight out of 13 issues.  Among the issues in dispute was the pay grade system in use by the city.  Officers wanted more competitive wages.


Arbitration Process Successful in the End


According to Joe Rasmussen, the representative for the union, the arbitration process was difficult but resulted in a contract that would help provide adequate law enforcement protection to the community.  This will mean less reliance on the local sheriff's office for Johnson County.  Ramussen commented that in order for North Liberty to provide a fully staffed police department of its own, "you've got to be able to hire people and keep them so you don't have a constant vacancy rate.”  The newly competitive wage scale installed by the arbitration should help in this regard.


Previously, the city had frozen all wages except for a cost of living increase not to exceed two per cent.

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