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ADR Arbitration Widely Used in Federal Level of Government

Monday, July, 4, 2011

ADR arbitration simply stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution arbitration.  Contrary to what many Americans know about their own government, the process is widely used in many federal departments, including the Navy and other branches of the armed services.  In fact, all civilian employees of the armed services are able to take advantage of ADR should the need arise.


ADR Arbitration Called Workplace ADR in the Navy


The most common term employed for the process in the U.S. Navy is Workplace ADR.  The basic premise underlying the process is the idea that there are many paths to success when it comes to resolving disputes involving employees and their co-workers or working conditions.  Workplace ADR strives to use multiple techniques so that the Department of the Navy can quickly and equitably resolve issues and get on with their primary mission of helping to defend the nation.


The methods employed include mediation, conciliation, negotiation, and facilitation, among others.  The Department of the Navy takes the process seriously, as evidenced by its decision to implement a training and certification program for mediation attorneys interested in working with the department.  Working in conjunction with the Office of Civilian Personnel Management, the Department of the Navy has trained over 200 individuals to help with the program.


Maritime arbitration is another decision-making process that touches on the interests of ships at sea.