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Actor Requests Lawsuit over HIV Status Be Settled in Arbitration

Wednesday, December, 23, 2015

After revealing recently he is HIV positive, actor Charlie Sheen is requesting a lawsuit filed against him by his former fiancée be settled through arbitration. The former porn actress, Brett Rossi, filed the suit claiming assault and battery, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and negligence.  The woman claims she was brought to Sheen’s home in November 2013 to have sex with him in exchange for $10,000. She claims she signed a non-disclosure agreement requiring all disputes be settled through arbitration, which she now believes was illegal and invalid.


Sheen denies the charges and that he hid his health status from her. He is requesting a confidential arbitration of the claims to settle the dispute.


Sheen had previously requested the complaint be dismissed. He claims the woman is an extortionist and that she just wants money and revenge because the couple broke up. The document filed by Sheen’s attorneys in Los Angeles court claim the woman “revealed her true self… as a woman motivated by greed and consumed by jealousy.”


Rossi alleges she did not know about Sheen’s HIV status.


In response, Sheen claims he made no attempt to hid his health status an also states he did not hire the woman for sex, assault her, or force her to abort the couple’s baby. He further alleges she was controlling and assaulted him on at least three occasions. Because of the arbitration agreement signed by Rossi at their initial meeting, Sheen wants the charges dropped and for the dispute to be settled through arbitration, as he believes they agreed to more than two years ago.