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$5 Million Arbitration Award Given To Injured Teen

Monday, September, 2, 2013


A 19-year-old teenager in California was recently awarded close to $5 million in an arbitration claim after he alleged that the hospital charged with his care actually contributed to a brain injury.  Since his injury, Ray Palmer has struggled with every thought and every movement that he attempts to make.  The date of the injury is actually more than two years ago.


Palmer ended up in the hospital while out on a shopping trip.  When a fight broke out between other people, Palmer was caught up in the fight and was stabbed several times.  One of his most serious wounds was taken to the chest.  Taken to the hospital, a breathing tube was inserted for Palmer.  Reportedly, Palmer was told that he would recover with no issues, although the breathing tube would help him get much-needed oxygen in the critical moments after his hospital admission.


During the 12 hours following the insertion of the tube, the patient nearly coughed up the tube eight times.  Palmer's mother, Andrea, said that she reported the issues early on to nurses and other medical staff at Kaiser Hospital.  Palmer's mother claims that the nurses did not react appropriately to her numerous requests for assistance.  Instead, the tube became dislodged and Ray Palmer went without oxygen for close to fifteen minutes.  The result was a severe brain injury that would alter Palmer’s life forever.


In the months following his accident, Palmer was able to recover some, but not all, of his brain function.  Palmer’s mother alleges that he will need 24-hour care for the rest of his life as a result of the mistakes made at the hospital.  State laws actually cap the amount of money that a plaintiff in a case like this can receive.  Palmer’s mother believes that while the arbitration award recognizes the wrong actions of the hospital and employees, the award simply isn’t enough to help pay the high medical bills for her son.