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Colleges Could Face Uncertain Future if Mandatory Arbitration Clauses are Banned
3/28/2016 3:42:38 PM
Description: The Department of Education is taking a strong stand in favor of banning for profit colleges that receive federal student aid from enacting arbitration clauses for students that bring disputes against the schools. Instead of allowing students to

Democratic Senators Propose Law to Deal with Mandatory Arbitration Clauses
2/21/2016 6:06:50 PM
Description: A new bill was recently introduced that, if passed, would limit a company’s ability to force consumers to settle grievances outside of court through arbitration. This practice has become increasingly popular for companies and they include

9th Circuit Court Follows Supreme Court’s Lead in Upholding Arbitration Agreements
4/23/2013 9:48:19 PM
Description:   Recently, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a dispute between a bank and a group of recipients of student loans should be sent to arbitration rather than litigation.  In the dispute, Matthew Kilgore brought a lawsuit

Do Legal Arbitration Clauses Hold Up in Bankruptcy Court?
5/23/2012 7:05:23 PM
Description: On major question that businesses and individuals have when filing bankruptcy is if legal arbitration clauses still apply in bankruptcy court. While by and large, bankruptcy judges will drop all references to arbitration when seeing a bankruptcy

Federal Arbitration Act Overrules Broughton-Cruz Rule
3/27/2012 9:20:41 AM
Description: In the recent case of Kilgore vs. KeyBank, the Ninth Circuit Court in California determined that the Federal Arbitration Act preempts the Broughton-Cruz rule regarding the prohibition of arbitration for public injunction cases. This overturned a

Financial Arbitration Overturns 1996 Federal Credit Card Law
1/18/2012 9:42:51 AM
Description: In an 8 to 1 decision, the Supreme Court decided that financial arbitrationclauses in many credit-based contracts supersede a 1996 Federal law that enabled credit and loan customers to file litigation against their lenders if they were dissatisfied