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Orlando Police Chief Regains Job through Arbitration
12/24/2016 12:34:21 PM
Description: The Orlando police officer terminated for punching a handcuffed man in March 2014 has been awarded a return to his job, with back pay, according to an arbitration ruling.The arbitrator ruled the City of Orlando did not have just cause for

Arbitration is the Next Step in Franklin Lakes Police Negotiations
7/21/2015 6:59:58 PM
Description: The Borough of Franklin Lakes, New Jersey will head to arbitration to settle its contract negotiations with the Policeman’s Benevolent Association Local 150. Nineteen officers are part of that union.   The most recent contract between

Uniform Dispute in Phoenix, AZ Going to Arbitration
11/1/2012 9:26:53 AM
Description: An arbitration attorney will be handling a conflict between the Phoenix Police Department and selected policemen on the issue of uniform and dress code rules. In 2012, Daniel Garcia, Police Chief of the department, issued a mandated uniform policy,

Arbitration Process Not Easy for North Liberty Police Department
5/13/2011 3:54:14 AM
Description: Although the arbitration process can often produce outcomes that are positive for both sides in a dispute, getting to that point is not always a simple matter.  An example of this emerged this week in Iowa, where the police officers' union for