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Fifth Circuit Affirms Arbitration Award
7/19/2016 11:07:13 AM
Description: The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently upheld an award decided by an arbitrator that gave a Texas-based law firm $1.45 million in unpaid legal and expert witness expenses. The original agreement outlines how future

Judge Enforces Arbitration in Eidos Insurance Case
1/29/2015 2:56:01 PM
Description: A complex and twisty legal battle will continue in arbitration despite the efforts of law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge, a federal judge has ruled.   The case involves Eidos Partners, Stairway Capital Management II, and Ironshore Specialty

Amkor Technology Agrees to Pay Tessera, Inc. $155 Million to Settle Arbitration
1/24/2015 1:42:49 PM
Description: A dispute over the licensing of a patented chip design will finally be settled with Amkor Technology agreeing to pay Tessera, Inc., $155 million.  Both companies have agreed to end all suits and counter-suits or other claims against each other

Vanda Pharmaceuticals Announces Successful Arbitration with Novartis AG
1/17/2015 12:23:27 PM
Description: Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc.  announced a settlement via arbitration in the Fanapt licensing dispute between itself and Novartis AG.  The settlement includes dismissing the arbitration and releasing each other from other claims stemming from

Tessera Technologies Wins Arbitration Award against Amkor Technology
5/16/2014 2:22:55 PM
Description:   The International Court of Arbitration has awarded $145 million to Tessera Technologies concerning a licensing agreement entered into in 1996 with Amarok Technology, Inc.  The licensing agreement concerned patents held by Tessera that

Mercedes Walton Wins Arbitration Claim Against Cryo-Cell International, Inc.
7/27/2013 3:48:07 PM
Description: On June 14, former chairman and CEO of Cryo-Cell International Inc., Mercedes Walton, as granted a $1.1 million award in the arbitration of a case against her former employer involving defamation of character and breach of employment contract. 

Arbitrator Awards Former Cryo-Cell CEO
7/16/2013 4:02:53 PM
Description:   Mercedes Walton, the former CEO and chairwoman of Cryo-Cell International, is the winner of an arbitration claim against her former employer.  Arbitrators gave Walton an interim award in the amount of $1.1 million as a result of her

Arbitration At Work In Patent Cases
6/17/2013 2:55:39 PM
Description:   When there’s a dispute surrounding patent rights, it’s easy for the case to become escalated quickly; typically the issue will start with either an International Trade Commission investigation or litigation proceedings. 

U.S. International Trade Commission Rules That Patent Case Between InterDigital and LG Must Be Arbitrated
4/29/2013 11:26:08 AM
Description:   The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that InterDigital Inc. and LG Electronics Inc. must enter into arbitration over a dispute involving LG's alleged trade law violations.  However, a Federal Circuit panel discussed

Arbitration between Tessera and Amkor Results in Over $130 Million in Additional Revenue for Tessera
2/22/2013 5:30:49 PM
Description: In its arbitrated dispute between Amkor Technology, Inc, Tessera Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSRA), a holding company with operating subsidiaries in Intellectual Property and DigitalOptics, was pleased that the International Court of Arbitration of