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Brokerage Companies Avoiding FINRA for Other Dispute Resolution Options
9/3/2015 3:56:55 PM
Description: FINRA arbitration is in place to help brokerage firms resolve issues related to employment disputes and other activity, but some firms have successfully avoided FINRA hearings in recent months. This is despite FINRA rules to the

Famed Hollywood Journalist Going to Arbitration over Non-Compete Assertions
11/21/2013 2:59:28 PM
Description:   Nikki Finke, the founder of the successful gossip and entertainment news web site, Deadline Hollywood, has been ordered to arbitration with her former employer Jay Penske, current owner of the Deadline Hollywood site.  After selling the

Federal District Court Compels Arbitration in Torbit vs. Datanyze, Despite the Company’s Non-signatory Status
2/28/2013 9:25:25 PM
Description:   Ilya Semin, the founder of the software development firm Datanyze, won a motion to compel arbitration in a lawsuit filed against him and his company by Trobit, Inc., a company for which he formerly worked.  This decision came as a