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Nursing Home Residents Free to Utilize Judicial System
10/15/2016 12:56:45 PM
Description: The Florida Supreme Court’s recent ruling that a nursing home patient cannot be forced to use arbitration to settle disputes means families and patients will be able to use the court system to settle disputes with nursing homes. This applies

Nevada Supreme Court Makes Decision about Burlesque Dancer Lawsuit
10/15/2016 12:53:36 PM
Description: A lawsuit was recently filed against a Las Vegas nightclub alleging owners secretly filmed burlesque dancers naked and changing into their costumes in the private dressing room. The lawsuit has passed a preliminary hurdle and is headed to court. The

Nursing Home Patients Cannot be Forced into Arbitration
10/15/2016 12:52:22 PM
Description: A new rule from the Department of Health and Human Services now bars nursing homes from forcing patients and families into arbitration. The rule applies to new patients and allows them to file lawsuits against nursing homes. Previously, these

Airbnb Terms of Service Updated to Include Mandatory Arbitration
6/6/2016 5:31:51 PM
Description: Airbnb, the popular travel accommodations app that allows private homeowners to rent their homes to travelers, has updated its terms of service to require those involved in disputes to use arbitration to settle issues. The new terms of service also

Morgan Stanley Case to be Settled through Arbitration
3/28/2016 3:45:12 PM
Description: A FINRA arbitration seems to be the future for Morgan Stanley regarding the firm’s Cushing MLP High Income Exchange Traded Note. The claim was filed by the White Law Group and was submitted to FINRA on behalf of investors in North Carolina.

UPS Employee Receives FINRA Award
2/21/2016 6:08:13 PM
Description: A UPS worker represented by the Securities Arbitration law Firm of Klayman & Toskes, PA received a victory recently when it won a $2.25 million award versus Citigroup Global Markets concerning FINRA securities arbitration. The arbitration panel

Actor Requests Lawsuit over HIV Status Be Settled in Arbitration
12/23/2015 6:28:08 PM
Description: After revealing recently he is HIV positive, actor Charlie Sheen is requesting a lawsuit filed against him by his former fiancée be settled through arbitration. The former porn actress, Brett Rossi, filed the suit claiming assault and

FINRA Arbitrations Expected to Increase by End of the Year
11/5/2015 5:53:11 PM
Description: FINRA reported a decline in arbitrations throughout 2015 compared to the previous year, but this is expected to change in the coming months. More than 2500 cases were filed this year through the end of September, compared to more than 2900 cases

Arbitration and the Case against Fantasy Sports Websites
10/23/2015 2:36:52 PM
Description: A new class action suit filed against fantasy sports sites and claim the only winners are a small group of fantasy experts. The remainder of people playing daily on these sites (approximately 90%) are propping up the

$16-plus million Settlement Due in FINRA Dispute Settlement
7/10/2015 11:45:01 AM
Description: A FINRA arbitrator ordered a BNP Paribas SA unit to pay $16.6 million to London-based couple James and Margaret Eringer, who accused the financier of cheating them with an investment product. BNP Paribas SA typically sells to hedge funds and