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Beauty School Runs Out of Time to Raise Arbitration Defense, According to Ninth Circuit Court
12/24/2016 12:33:28 PM
Description: The Ninth Circuit Court recently ruled in the case Martin v. Yasuda that the Amarillo College of Hairdressing – Milan Institute and the Milan Institute of Cosmetology took too long to seek arbitration. The school must now litigate its

Union Makes Request for Arbitration
11/8/2016 12:58:26 PM
Description: The union that represents Williamsport school teachers, guidance counselors, librarians, speech and language therapists, and secretaries at the Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania Charter School has asked a federal judge to compel arbitration to

Ruling Gives Uber Leverage over Drivers
9/21/2016 11:27:48 PM
Description: Uber Technologies Inc.’s arbitration agreements were recently ruled to be valid according to an appeals court. The US Court of Appeals in San Francisco court determined Uber has the authority to enforce the agreements with drivers, which

US Postal Workers Contract Arbitration Decision Expected Soon
7/19/2016 11:07:54 AM
Description: The American Postal Workers Union recently announced a contract for more than 200,000 workers could be announced in mid-July after the final arbitration session took place on May 4. The contract hearings began in February.   According to the

Illinois Governor Vetoes Arbitration Bill
6/6/2016 5:34:26 PM
Description: The governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, recently vetoed legislation that would have allowed an arbitrator to settle disputes related to wages and working conditions if union negotiations stalled. According to Rauner, the bill was an attacked on

Changes in How Arbitration Agreements are Handled Affects Car Dealerships
5/23/2016 4:06:17 PM
Description: Car dealerships often use binding arbitration agreements to resolve disputes with employees. This provides a number of benefits, including cost savings and privacy. It also makes it possible to avoid lengthy trials and protect relationships when

Suspended HIV-Positive Employer Headed to Arbitration with Former Employer
5/16/2016 5:29:17 PM
Description: A man who is HIV-positive filed for labor arbitration after being suspended by his employer. Twenty-seven year old Ming, a man working for a quasi-governmental organization in Guangzhou states he hopes the arbitration will lead to his ability to

Union Arbitration Bill Heads to Illinois Governor’s Desk
3/18/2016 12:04:34 PM
Description: A bill intended to send union contract talks to arbitration will once again be on Illinois Governor Bruce Raundr’s desk. Raunder had vetoed a similar bill last year.   The Democrat-controlled Illinois Senate approved the bill recently

Lawmakers Try to Force Arbitration with AFSCME
2/21/2016 6:08:52 PM
Description: Democratic lawmakers in Illinois are attempting to send stalled state employee labor negotiations to arbitration, just a short time after the president delivered a speech emphasizing the need to compromise in issues such as this.   Illinois

Arbitration Will Not Be Used in Case Filed by Massage School Student
1/15/2016 5:53:48 PM
Description: The US Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit recently ruled there will be no arbitration in a case filed by a massage school student alleging laws were broken when her educator failed to compensate her for massages given during her time at the