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Internet Service Provider Google Fiber Will Now Force Customers into Arbitration
6/29/2016 12:18:55 PM
Description: The Internet service provider, Google Fiber, is altering its terms to include a clause that will force subscribers into arbitration should a dispute arise. Customers will no longer have the option to file a lawsuit and fight out their differences in

Barnes & Noble Loses Bid for Arbitration in Class Action
8/25/2014 5:00:15 PM
Description: A class-action lawsuit being organized again bookseller and online retailer Barnes & Noble over canceled tablet computer orders can proceed in the courts, as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the company’s petition for

Federal Judge Denies Vonage’s Arbitration Clause due to Contract’s ?Unconscionable’ Terms
2/10/2014 12:45:59 PM
Description:   Despite a clear arbitration clause in their standard terms of service that all customers agree to, a Federal Judge in the U.S. State of California has denied Vonage’s motion to compel arbitration in a class action lawsuit filed by

Copyright Arbitration: When Words and Ideas are Stolen
11/25/2012 8:37:31 PM
Description:   In a world where information is shared and exchanged almost instantly via the Internet and various digital devices, ownership of words and ideas can be seriously threatened in the blink of an eye.  This is why copyright arbitration is

Google Loses in Legal Arbitration with Owner
8/6/2012 9:24:26 AM
Description: A panel recently ruled against Google in a legal arbitration dispute over the domain name Search engine giant Google had hoped to acquire the domain, claiming that the current owner had operated in “bad faith”.   Why

Is Arbitration Law Important?
1/21/2011 4:26:18 PM
Description: Arbitration law varies by state and should be followed closely at all times to avoid legal issues with the party you are working with any time in the near future. To get information on the arbitration laws in your state, you should get in touch with a