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Supreme Court Upholds Foreclosure Exception Arbitration Agreement
6/13/2015 4:13:16 PM
Description: The Tennessee Supreme Court recently reversed a lower court’s ruling that a purchaser and manufactured home builders arbitration agreement was unfair and could not be enforced, allowing the purchaser to bring a lawsuit against the

Oregon to Change its Foreclosure Laws in 2013, Requiring Foreclosure Arbitration
1/24/2013 5:05:23 PM
Description:   According to RealtyTrac, a California-based real estate firm, in 2012, the rate of foreclosures in Oregon dropped 40%.  That rate is expected to change further due to recent legislation requiring lenders to go through foreclosure

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules that Exception for Foreclosure Proceedings is Not Unconscionable
12/22/2012 8:27:29 AM
Description:   Foreclosure arbitration often works in the best interest of the homeowner who is facing the imminent loss of his or her home, and usually provides additional time and resources for the homeowner to catch up on payments and stay in the

Arbitration & Foreclosure: Can It Stop Foreclosure?
12/3/2012 4:42:26 PM
Description:   Although foreclosures are slowing down since those of about five years ago, they are far from over.  Every day families are being forced from their homes, leaving adults and children without a home.   These home owners have

Arbitration and Foreclosure: How it can help
11/14/2012 7:39:38 AM
Description: The foreclosure rate in our country has skyrocketed since 2008 and is only recently beginning to show some signs of slowing its momentum.  The result has been devastating for families everywhere, who are facing the threat of losing their home

Did mortgage giants ignore foreclosure abuse?
11/8/2011 12:46:58 PM
Description: A wide range of problems have caused this country's economic turmoil. But few factors have slowed the economy's recovery like the glut of foreclosed homes dotting the country. These foreclosures, especially prevalent in states such as Florida,

Did mortgage giants ignore foreclosure abuse?
10/17/2011 4:01:05 PM
Description: Did mortgage giants ignore foreclosure abuse?

10/7/2011 3:00:55 PM
Description: Are some mortgage loan servicers becoming "foreclosure career criminals?" While this questions is presented tongue firmly implanted in cheek, this behavior is serious and troubling. Respected magazine, American Banker, recently revealed that the