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Lackawanna County Youth and Family Services Settles Dispute, Raises Issues about Binding Arbitration
8/15/2015 8:33:00 AM
Description: Lackawanna County Youth and Family Services settled its union contract dispute recently with county commissioners following a two week strike. Many are comparing the settlement to another recently negotiated union contract in the area that came from

Canadian Company Announced Resolution of Its Ongoing Lease Arbitration
8/4/2015 4:16:54 PM
Description:   Pacific Safety Products Inc. recently announced it has resolved the ongoing lease arbitration process with the company’s landlord, Arnprior Bay Property Ltd. Pacific will recover $825,000, inclusive of the interim award they had

Political Group Seeks Arbitration Delay
8/4/2015 4:16:13 PM
Description:   The Wood County Republican Executive Committee recently asked the South Carolina state Republican Party to delay and relocate a scheduled arbitration hearing that will determine whether or not its county chairman will be removed. The hearing

Arbitration Would Be Used to Settle Disputes if New Jersey Insurance Bill Passes
6/23/2015 7:37:04 AM
Description:   New Jersey lawmakers are being encouraged to not let special interests derail legislation that would stop consumers from getting hit with expensive medical bills they did not expect. There is a bill currently before the Senate Commerce

Oregon Initiates Program to Encourage Mediation in Malpractice Cases
7/14/2014 5:27:16 PM
Description: The Early Discussion and Resolution Program has officially launched in Oregon.  The program, personally led by Governor John Kitzhaber, is the result of negotiations between trial lawyers in the state and the Oregon Medical Association, and is

Florida Supreme Court Rules to Uphold Arbitration Agreement, Even in a Wrongful Death Claim
2/20/2013 12:44:02 PM
Description:   The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that nursing home arbitration agreements must be upheld, even if the person who signed the agreement dies while staying in the nursing home.  The details of the case involved Henry Lee Stewart, a

Alimony and Divorce – Is Arbitration the Near-Perfect Solution?
12/20/2012 7:07:22 AM
Description:   Family disputes contain a particular blend of emotional upheaval and anger that can make any legal issue difficult—this is especially true when it comes to divorce or alimony disputes.  However, in the middle of such disputes,

Arbitration to Settle Probate Disputes
11/23/2012 10:38:30 PM
Description:   Probate disputes arise over many reasons and taking the issue to court can end up being a lengthy and difficult battle for families to endure.  However, this problem can be solved by adding a simple arbitration clause to your will,

Arbitration Ruled In Case With Fired Police Sergeant
10/22/2012 10:17:00 AM
Description: A legal arbitration was conducted to determine whether or not a Massachusetts city's termination of a police sergeant was wrongful this October. Arbitration attorneys agreed that the termination was justified. Tisbury, Martha's Vineyard police

What is Collaborative Law?
10/2/2012 12:41:24 PM
Description: Collaborative Law is a new and alternative process where both parties and their legal counsel commit themselves to resolving their differences justly and equitably without resort, or threat of resort, to the courts. The attorneys hired for