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Sedgewick Gender Bias Claim Headed to Mediation
11/23/2016 5:08:13 PM
Description: The dispute that arose from Traci Ribeiro’s claims that the law firm for which she worked committed gender discrimination is headed to arbitration. The ruling came from a federal judge in San Francisco, who found the firm’s partnership

Fox News Lawsuit Exposes Employer Arbitration Agreements
10/15/2016 12:51:34 PM
Description: Forced arbitration by employers was part of the recent agreement by Fox News to pay former anchor Gretchen Carlson $20 million and apologize for the sexual harassment she experienced while working for the company. The settlement and apology came in

Suspended HIV-Positive Employer Headed to Arbitration with Former Employer
5/16/2016 5:29:17 PM
Description: A man who is HIV-positive filed for labor arbitration after being suspended by his employer. Twenty-seven year old Ming, a man working for a quasi-governmental organization in Guangzhou states he hopes the arbitration will lead to his ability to

Retailer Forever 21’s Arbitration Agreement Upheld
4/11/2016 5:32:37 PM
Description: The California Supreme Court recently handed down a long-awaited opinion concerning the case against clothing and accessories retailer Forever 21. The ruling concerned an arbitration agreement and stated that an arbitration agreement is not

Dispute Over Attendance at Scientology Event Heads to Arbitration
3/28/2016 3:44:35 PM
Description: A former employer has filed a lawsuit against a Pasadena company after she alleges she was fired for not participating in Scientology classes while on-the-job. The case is now headed to arbitration in hopes of settling the issue for both sides

Sarkisian Lawsuit Headed to Arbitration
3/10/2016 5:35:21 PM
Description:   The ongoing dispute between Steve Sarkisian and USC could be settled through arbitration. The dispute began when Sarkisian claimed the school’s athletic director Pat Haden dismissed him rather than allow him to seek treatment for

Democratic Senators Propose Law to Deal with Mandatory Arbitration Clauses
2/21/2016 6:06:50 PM
Description: A new bill was recently introduced that, if passed, would limit a company’s ability to force consumers to settle grievances outside of court through arbitration. This practice has become increasingly popular for companies and they include

Lawsuit against Fiserv Will Move Forward
2/6/2016 12:04:24 PM
Description: A filing has been rejected in federal court that was filed by a financial services firm to dismiss a pending discrimination suit pending against it. The firm wanted the court to compel arbitration. The rejection occurs in the US District Court for

Retail Chain Guitar Center Orders Employees to Sign Mandatory Arbitration Agreement
1/22/2016 5:48:19 PM
Description: Employees of Guitar Center have been ordered by their employer to sign a mandatory arbitration agreement or lose their jobs. The agreement forces employees to give up their rights to sue the company in class action lawsuits if they believe there has

s It Legal for Chicago to Ban Mandatory Arbitration Clauses?
1/7/2016 4:06:16 PM
Description: A recent ordinance proposed recently in Chicago could end area companies’ right to require mandatory arbitration for resolving consumer disputes. The ordinance would apply to businesses within Chicago and beyond, including those that are