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Obama Administration Looking to Curb Mandatory Insurance Arbitration
12/24/2016 12:32:32 PM
Description: With just over a month left in office, President Obama and his administration is pressing states to curb the use of fine print arbitration clauses in contracts by insurance providers. The request comes via an insurance report recently released by

Clinton to Weigh In on Wells Fargo Issues
10/15/2016 12:59:05 PM
Description: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton this week stated she will propose the curbing of forced arbitration in response to the Wells Fargo cases currently making news. She made her announcement in a stump speech on the campaign trail in

Arbitration between Lowe’s and Woolworth’s Underway
9/21/2016 11:30:12 PM
Description: Lowe’s has entered into arbitration with retailer Woolworths, after Lowe’s made a claim for hundreds of millions of dollars for compensation in their failed Masters home improvement business. Woolworth’s recently confirmed the

Longaberger Trial Date Cancelled
9/10/2016 11:56:23 AM
Description: The trial that had been sent for Tami Longaberger’s lawsuit against the Longaberger Co. was vacated in favor of arbitration. The trial was originally scheduled for the end of August in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, but will now

Blind Vendor Will Maintain Base Contract as Arbitration Proceeds
5/16/2016 5:28:02 PM
Description: Leonard Johnson, a blind vendor who ran the dining facilities at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base since 1999 will continue to keep his contract while arbitration proceedings play out, according to a settlement announced by Ohio’s Attorney

Retailer Forever 21’s Arbitration Agreement Upheld
4/11/2016 5:32:37 PM
Description: The California Supreme Court recently handed down a long-awaited opinion concerning the case against clothing and accessories retailer Forever 21. The ruling concerned an arbitration agreement and stated that an arbitration agreement is not

Arbitration Clause in DirecTV Consumer Contract Criticized
1/7/2016 4:08:09 PM
Description: Mandatory arbitration clauses have taken many hits lately and are once again falling under scrutiny in the case of television service provider DirecTV. The company requires customers to use arbitration to settle disputes outside of the courtroom,

Effort to Avoid International Arbitration Rejected
10/23/2015 2:38:04 PM
Description: A district court’s order to dismiss Sasan Power’s plea for an injunction against arbitration was recently upheld by the Madhya Pradesh High Court. The request was to not arbitrate the dispute Sasan Power’s has with US-based North

Delaware Supreme Court Adopts New Arbitration Rules
8/15/2015 8:27:48 AM
Description: The Delaware Supreme Court is adopting official rules to govern arbitration proceedings that are pursuant to the Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act. This is considered a novel approach and it is intended to create a quick, efficient, and confidential

California Courts Reject Compelled Arbitration Bylaw
3/27/2015 5:35:43 PM
Description: The State of California remains hostile to binding arbitration clauses of all kinds, and has now issued a decision finding arbitration clauses in the bylaws of corporations to be unenforceable. The bylaws, requiring members of the corporation to