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Philippine Leader Questions Arbitration Ruling
11/6/2016 10:33:22 AM
Description: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte recently stated he plans to raise a controversial arbitration ruling on the South China Sea with leaders of China. Duterte also vowed he will not surrender to any sovereignty or deviate from the July award given

Bali Slated to Host International Conference on Arbitration
8/11/2016 5:44:08 PM
Description: Bali will be the site of the 2016 conference for the Asia-Pacific Regional Arbitration Group this October. The conference is hosted by the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration and it will be the first time the group conference occurs in

Scranton Bank Says Arbitration is Rarely Necessary
6/6/2016 5:31:08 PM
Description: As attitudes toward mandatory arbitration change, one bank in Scranton points out there are few worries within the industry. According to a new federal rule, bank customers have more access to class action lawsuits, something that was not always an

Arbitration for Dismissed Nurse Upcoming
3/10/2016 5:34:32 PM
Description: The date for Sue McIntyre’s arbitration hearing will be March 17th. This moves the date up at the request of the CEO and President of North Bay Regional Health Centre. McIntyre is a registered practical nurse who sued the hospital after she

s It Legal for Chicago to Ban Mandatory Arbitration Clauses?
1/7/2016 4:06:16 PM
Description: A recent ordinance proposed recently in Chicago could end area companies’ right to require mandatory arbitration for resolving consumer disputes. The ordinance would apply to businesses within Chicago and beyond, including those that are

Chicago Area Principal Withdrawals Arbitration Request
9/3/2015 3:59:15 PM
Description: Catherine Gannon, former principal of Sutherland Elementary School, has withdrawn her arbitration request against the Local School Council.  Gannon had served as principal of the school for nearly seven years after the council decided not to

Lackawanna County Youth and Family Services Settles Dispute, Raises Issues about Binding Arbitration
8/15/2015 8:33:00 AM
Description: Lackawanna County Youth and Family Services settled its union contract dispute recently with county commissioners following a two week strike. Many are comparing the settlement to another recently negotiated union contract in the area that came from

Arbitration to Determine Control of Bonita Health
8/4/2015 4:18:38 PM
Description:   A judge recently ruled that arbitration will be used to determine control over the Bonita Community Health Center. The Lee County judge’s decision is viewed as a win for Lee Memorial Health System. The organization is hoping to

Philippines Continues to Build Arbitration Case against China
3/27/2015 5:35:03 PM
Description: The Philippines continues to build its case for international arbitration in its dispute with China over China’s claim on and use of the South China Sea. The government in Manila recently submitted more than 3,000 pages of materials to the

Ontario Nurses Association and The Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres Headed for Arbitration
2/18/2015 2:57:14 PM
Description: One day of talks between the Ontario Nurses' Association (ONA) and The Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres (OACCAC) were all it took to send the whole contract dispute to arbitration. The mediation session lasted for twelve hours