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Union workers petition for BottleRock arbitration
9/9/2013 10:54:04 PM
Description:   International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) union Local 16, the workers’ union representing music festival workers, has requested arbitration to resolve unpaid wages from Napa’s BottleRock festival. 

Minnesota Court of Appeals Supports Arbitrator Actions and Authority
8/8/2013 6:45:43 PM
Description: A recent decision in the Minnesota Court of Appeals in Seagate Technology, LLC V. Western Digital Corp., judges found that an arbitrator didn’t exceed his power by creating a severe sanction for a party involved in arbitration.  The

Google Loses in Legal Arbitration with Owner
8/6/2012 9:24:26 AM
Description: A panel recently ruled against Google in a legal arbitration dispute over the domain name Search engine giant Google had hoped to acquire the domain, claiming that the current owner had operated in “bad faith”.   Why

Some Major Points about Minor's Claims
7/2/2012 5:46:04 PM
Description: Some Major Points about Minor’s Claims   By Jon Starr   In this not so perfect world, minors (persons who are under the age of eighteen and who have not been emancipated) sustain injuries and become beneficiaries of wrongful

Attempts to Stall Arbitration in Nevada Case Unsuccessful
4/16/2012 10:54:31 AM
Description: In Clark County, Nevada, a teacher's union complained that there was some bad-faith bargaining afoot in a case that will impact forthcoming employee layoffs. However, this will not stall arbitration in this case, a state government board

Morgan Stanley Arbitration Lawyers Late in Promissory Note Claim
3/27/2012 9:23:47 AM
Description: In a recent arbitration, a FINRA arbitration panel denied Morgan Stanley's claim over a promissory note with former employee Joseph D. Jackson. They sought, but did not receive, a total of $221,588 in damages, plus interests, fees and costs. Simply

Wells Fargo Financial Arbitration Proves Valuable Lesson
3/6/2012 10:19:44 AM
Description: In the recently concluded financial arbitration case between Wells Fargo Advisors and Kent Robert Elliott, both sides were held accountable, but the net loss favored Wells Fargo. The details of the claim and counterclaim, as well as the awards were

Superman's Domain Name Decided via National Arbitration
7/26/2011 8:30:16 AM
Description: The National Arbitration Forum has issued a decision in a domain name dispute involving keywords related to the comic book hero Superman.  The domain name was registered in October, 2001 by LBR Enterprises, two years after DC