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Rivers State Governor Calls for Arbitration in Political Disputes
11/23/2016 5:07:26 PM
Description: Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike has called on political parties to resolve any disputes related to electoral matters that grow out of the 2016 Annual Conference of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Governor Wike’s statement was made

NFL Commissioner’s Power Strengthened through Arbitration Ruling
4/29/2016 10:35:47 AM
Description: An arbitrator recently ruled that the National Football League’s (NFL) policy of putting players on paid leave via an exempt list based on the commissioner’s ruling is valid. The exempt list is part of the NFL’s personal conduct

Judge Overturns Arbitration Ruling in NFL Quarterback Cheating Scandal
9/15/2015 11:32:37 AM
Description: US District Court Judge Richard Berman granted the NFL’s Players Association’s motion to vacate the NFL Commissioner’s recent ruling regarding the suspension of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady. Brady was scheduled

Northwest Territories Town Unions Seek Arbitration
4/27/2015 11:01:25 AM
Description: The unions collectively representing more than thirty employees of Hay River, a town in the Northwest Territories in Canada, have officially requested an arbitration process to settle ongoing employment disputes with the town. The request follows

Some FAQs Regarding Insurance Arbitration
12/28/2012 8:10:01 AM
Description:   Choosing arbitration as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve your car insurance dispute is a wise choice in many cases, particularly concerning car accidents in which the insurance company doesn’t want to pay the

The Next Wave of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Hospitality Industry
12/26/2012 4:46:45 PM
Description: By:      Jennifer Wolf, Institute for Conflict Management, LLC             Maurice Robinson,

More Wealthy Couples Are Turning to Arbitration to Settle Divorce Disputes: Here’s Why…
12/24/2012 9:33:59 PM
Description:   Divorce arbitration has a lot of benefits for wealthy couples, not the least of which is confidentiality.  Taking your “dirty laundry” to be aired publically before divorce courts is not something that many couples are

The Weather Channel and Sexual Harassment Arbitration
12/6/2012 2:00:43 PM
Description:   This past year, Hillary Andrews, a female co-anchor on The Weather Channel, won an arbitration ruling in her favor against a fellow co-anchor on charges of sexual harassment.   According to Ms. Andrews, Bob Stokes, the popular

Engineering Arbitration: When a Design or Installation Fails To Meet Expectations
11/25/2012 8:35:26 PM
Description:   Engineering arbitration is a form of arbitration that solves disputes based on design or installation of equipment that fail to meet expectations.  In matters of technical application and engineering, if a client or employer is not

Arbitration to Settle Probate Disputes
11/23/2012 10:38:30 PM
Description:   Probate disputes arise over many reasons and taking the issue to court can end up being a lengthy and difficult battle for families to endure.  However, this problem can be solved by adding a simple arbitration clause to your will,