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The Purpose of Reading Sample Arbitration Clauses

Tuesday, March, 29, 2011

Reading sample arbitration clauses is critical when creating an arbitration agreement. It is important for any arbitration attorney to have a strong command of language and understand what specific words can ultimately imply in an agreement. Sometimes, draft agreements using a clause enforcing arbitration as a means to resolve legal disputes, only to find out the language they chose does not enforce this agreement at all.

By reading a sample arbitration clause before actually drafting an agreement, an arbitration attorney can understand the format and tone to use in writing such an agreement. An arbitration attorney should also pay attention to specific words that are used throughout the agreement and use them in his or her own agreement, if they are applicable. It is truly a great idea to read sample arbitration clauses and compare them with each other. There may be some arbitration clauses that are stronger than others, simply due to a minor word change or phrasing. When an arbitration attorney reads hundreds of sample clauses in a day, then he or she has a broad view of how to write such a clause that applies to a specific case.

Many businesses rely on arbitration as an inexpensive way to handle legal disputes amongst employees or customers. Arbitration can save a business thousands of dollars in a year, which is why many businesses want to use this process as opposed to the court system.