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Monday, February, 17, 2014

403(b) Annunity Plans: Exempt or Not?
Avoidance of Judicial Liens
Bad Checks
Basic Bankruptcy Seminar
Conversion from Chapter 7 to 13
A Debtor's Right to Convert:  Absolute or Discretionary?
The Disability Pay Exemption Meets Foster
Exemptions: Claiming, timing & objections to exemptions.
Federal Tax Liens & the Debtor's Pension Plan
The Proper Form of a Final Order/Judgment Entry
IRS v. Snyder:  Can the IRS be Prevented from Enforcing a Lien on ERISA Accounts?
Can a Judicial or Statutory Lien Attach to Post-Petition Appreciation in Real Property on which the Lien has

Judicial Discretion to Find Abuse in Chapter 13
Mediation in Bankruptcy
Attacking Pre-Bankruptcy Transfers of Non-Exempt Property Pursuant to Property Distribution Orders
Presumption of Abuse Where you have a Non-Debtor Spouse
Professional Responsibility & Attorneys as Debt Relief Agencies
Chapter 7 Trustee's Right to Pro-Rated Portion of Tax Refund
Reaffirmation Ride Through
Recovery Rights of Post Petition
Representing a Landlord Whose Tenant is in a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy
Rooker-Feldman Revisited
The Silent Lien & the Bankruptcy Trustee
State Sovereign Immunity & the Bankruptcy Code:  Virginia Commonwealth
A Survey of the Dischargeability of Taxes Other than Income Tax
Tax Discharge Under BAPCPA
Tax Issues:  1398 Short Year Abandonment of Property Cancellation of Indebtedness
Tax Sales:  Issues, Problems & Proceedings - Can a Debtor Extend the One Year Redemption Period by Filing a Bankruptcy Petition?
How do you Schedule and Effect the Treatment of an Automobile Lease in a Chapter 7 Case?
Treatment of the Vendee's Land Contract in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Cancellation of Debt:  Tax Effects
Exclusions from Bankruptcy Estate:  Education Savings Accounts & Employee Benefit Plans
In Pari Delicto:  Can the Trustee Seek Recovery from Co-Conspirators?
Policing Debtor's Lifestyle:  Judicial Discretion or Requirement?
Tax Sales:  Right of Property Redemption Under Indiana Law and the Bankruptcy Code