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Head Teacher at Leicester Uplands School Will Face Arbitration Over Controversial Decisions and Facebook Photos

Wednesday, May, 29, 2013


The Leicester Uplands School in Leicester, England, has had its share of disagreements this year, starting with the head teacher’s announcement of the intended dismissal of eight teaching assistants.  Now, the teachers have organized against head teacher Tim Luckcock and chairman of governors Abid Matak, calling for both men’s resignation due to allegations of improper management.   

After Luckcock and Matak refused to resign, the teachers united on a one-day strike last week in protest.  The strike has prompted the Leicester city council to call for the assistance of Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), an arbitration service that advertises its goal to improve employee relations.  In a statement provided to the press by assistant city mayor, Vi Dempster, she stated, "While we acknowledge that certain powers are delegated to the governing body, they are ultimately accountable to the local authority for the way the school is run.  My paramount concern is for the pupils and staff at Uplands, and as a responsible employer with a duty of care to all of them we cannot let this situation go on any longer."

The city’s leadership is relieved over the choice of bringing in a neutral third-party arbitrator to make a decision regarding the school’s ongoing issues.  According to Leicester’s assistant secretary, Peter Flack, “We are delighted a properly independent service is being engaged.  We were very concerned that previously the governors were suggesting they would choose who was going to do the investigation."