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Dunmore Police Department Arbitration Likely in Pennsylvania

Wednesday, October, 16, 2013


Dunmore, Pennsylvania might find itself in the position of being forced to pay eight years of back pay to an officer who once worked for the city’s police force.  The dispute and potential back pay stem from a lawsuit filed by former officer Jody Sibio, who alleges that the city denied him a full-time position after improperly scoring his civil service examination. 


Sibio failed the civil service examination in 2005.  Since that time, his lawsuit against the Dunmore police force has moved through county, state and federal appellate courts—all to determine if Sibio has the right to seek arbitration over the alleged improperly scored exam.  According to Sibio, the test he took was not scored correctly by the entities in charge of the exam process, thus causing him to unfairly lose the opportunity to receive a promotion to full-time officer in the Dunmore police force. 


In 2005, an arbitrator ruled that the Dunmore Police Department must promote 13 part-time police officers to full-time status, based on results from a civil service exam each candidate would have to take.  Out of the 13 officers given the test, Sibio, along with two other officers, failed the exam.  With the assistance of the Dunmore Police Association, a police union representing the officers, all three officers filed lawsuits against the city, alleging improper scoring of the exam. 


While the other two cases were dismissed, Sibio’s case has continued after a jury determined that he had failed to receive proper representation from the Dunmore Police Association legal team.