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Demand for Arbitration Filed in U.S. Speed Skating Scandal

Thursday, October, 4, 2012

A speedskating scandal that involves the United States Olympic Speedskating Team is heating up. If it can't find resolution by the end of this month, it will head into arbitration in October.

The scandal involves allegations that Coach Jae Su Chun was abusive towards skaters and directed them to perform unethical actions against competing skaters.

Skaters File for Legal Arbitration Against Coach

19 different skaters filed a Demand for Arbitration this month. They have filed complaints with the U.S. Olympic Committee and with U.S. Speedskating.

The group of skaters includes both current as well as former competing skaters--five of whom are Olympic Medalists. The claim is that Chun was verbally, physically, and psychologically abusive. The skaters also claim he lobbed intimidating and insulting comments towards female skaters.

Chun is currently on administrative leave.

Police Report Also Filed

Two of the skaters have filed a police report with the Unified Police Department in Salt Lake City, UT. One of the skaters told a police detective that Chun exhibited "explosive" anger. The skater claimed that fellow athletes had come under personal attack, "some physical in nature," from the skating coach.

Police are currently conducting what they call an "open and ongoing investigation". The skaters train in nearby Kearns, UT.

The Demand for Arbitration

Edward Williams, an attorney for the skaters, filed a Demand for Arbitration on their behalf with the American Arbitration Association and U.S. Speedskating. Williams said that the document detailed other abuses alleged against the speedskating coach.

In Chun's defense, nine other skaters on the team released an official statement supporting the coach. His temporary replacement, Jun Hyung Yeo, is also mentioned in the arbitration filing.