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Baseball Arbitration News: McCutchen has Four Years Remaining

Wednesday, May, 11, 2011

Baseball arbitration made the news again today with the revelation that the Pirates are in talks with center fielder Andrew McCutchen, widely considered one of their star players.  At issue is a contract extension; the Pirates want to secure McCutchen's valuable services for at least five additional years.  This would mean that McCutchen's remaining four arbitration years as well as one year of free agency would be tied up by the Pirates.  This would help the team firm up their lineup for years to come and build a solid team around McCutchen.


Baseball Arbitration: Timing Good for a Deal?


The Pirates currently rank above .500, which has some fans coming back to the franchise.  A deal with McCutchen may be expensive, but the team appears to know that trading away good players as part of a cost-cutting strategy has turned off fans in the past.  


McCutchen is 24 years old and off to a solid start in the major leagues.  Last season he hit 35 doubles, five triples, and 16 home runs, all while averaging .286.  If the Pirates have their way and lock him up for another five seasons, it may solidify their fan base and turn out to be a profit-making move in the long run.  Either way, McCutchen stands to be offered a significant sum of money.