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Arbitration Baseball News for Jose Tabata of the Pirates

Monday, August, 22, 2011

It has been reported that arbitration baseball in 2014 might not include Jose Tabata, an outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It appears that Tabata is seriously considering a contract extension that would last six years.  Tabata would have been eligible for salary arbitration beginning in 2014, but if accepted, the six-year extension would rule that out. 


The six-year extension would actually extend Tabata's contract until 2016 because it is basically a restructuring of his 2011 contract.  Tabata had broken from ACES, Inc, which formerly represented him and has hired sports agent Jeff Fannell to negotiate the extension on his behalf.


A source close to the Pirates organization remarked on the split: “There were philosophical differences over some aspects of the contract, but there’s still a lot of respect.  In the best interest of both, the parties decided to separate, without ruling out the possibility of working together again.”


Arbitration Baseball Not Applicable


Players who commit themselves to contracts are not usually able to arbitrate their salary as well.  If Tabata accepts the six-year extension, as seems likely, Pirates fans can depend on him to continue his position as outfielder.  This would be a boon for the Pirates organization since Tabata's second season statistics with the MLB include a hitting average of .261 with 14 stolen bases as well as four home runs.


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