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All About Copyright Arbitration

Friday, January, 21, 2011

We all know accidents happen and if that's the case, copyright arbitration could help you re-establish your position and see to it that you aren't improperly punished. Copyright arbitration is normally used when a copyright law is broken or is in jeopardy and a third party is needed to come in and resolve the issue. The reason that a third party is needed is for the simple fact that at least one of the parties feel as if they didn't do anything wrong. In many cases they didn't, so by utilizing a third party to help come to an agreement, both parties will get a fair decision and the best measures will be taken to ensure this process. An example of this would be an individual selling a film that they don't have the rights to and getting caught. Copyright arbitration isn't always related to media though. That is just one example of copyright infringement that could require to get the issue fixed and give both parties a fair judgment. It can be many other things and, while we won't get into them individually, you should keep in mind that the safest thing to do is to always ask. Find out if something is copyrighted so you can avoid even having to deal with copyright arbitration. If you do this then you should be safe but for those of you that are a little too late on this then arbitration could be the best answer for you.


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