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Worby Groner & Edelman Win $17.58 Million Arbitration Settlement against Napoli Bern & Associates

Saturday, January, 24, 2015

A New York Supreme Court Justice has awarded law firm Worby Groner & Edelman $17.58 million in a dispute with firm Napoli Bern & Associates in a dispute involving lawsuits the two firms agreed to handle in partnership related to the cleanup of the World trade Center site destroyed in the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001.    


Worby Groner & Edelman disputed the calculations of expense reimbursements, and filed an arbitration claim in 2012 with the American Arbitration Association as per their agreement with Napoli Bern & Associates.  The AAA awarded Worby $17.58 million, but Napoli sought to vacate the order and claimed the figure was not a final sum, but open to further negotiation.  Further arbitration was engaged, with former Nassau County Supreme Court Justice Ira Warshawsky acting as final arbitrator.  He confirmed the award, and Napoli has no further legal recourse to delay or change the final determination of the sum.    


Justice Warshawsky commented that the award was in part confirmed because it neatly settled all the disputed funds, leaving no further problems to be settled by future proceedings.  The neat nature of the settlement was persuasive to the judge, and the settlement award was confirmed.  Worby has claimed it expects to have trouble recovering the awarded sum from Napoli.  The Napoli firm has not commented on this accusation.  It is unclear if the two firms will continue as partners in the lawsuits, some of which are still pending.