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Travolta Case Staying Alive, Plaintiff Moves for Arbitration

Monday, May, 14, 2012

In the already infamous trial where John Travolta is accused of sexually assaulting a masseur in Atlanta, the attorney for the plaintiff stated that they are willing to enter arbitration. This statement came later in the same day where Okorie Okorocha had earlier said that there would be no mediation and that they would fight tooth and nail in trial to win this case. Mr. Okorocha is also ostensibly representing another claimant against Mr. Travolta

Travolta Not Agreeing to Legal Arbitration, Calls Claims 'Pulp Fiction'


At the writing of this article, the Travolta legal team has yet to agree to enter legal arbitration. Collectively, they are dismissing all the claims of sexual misconduct claims against Mr. Travolta as “total nonsense.”


Early this month, a masseur called “John Doe” for privacy's sake filed suit against John Travolta, claiming that he made unwanted sexual advances to him at a Beverly Hills Hotel. His claims were quickly dismissed, as Travolta's legal team presented a restaurant receipt, flight records and photos placing Mr. Travolta in New York at the time of the alleged offense.

Arbitration, Attorneys Say, Will Ensure Private and Rapid Settlement


According to the plaintiffs' attorney, arbitration is being sought to protect the privacy of his clients and end the proceedings quickly. Mr. Okorocha is in a bit of a quandary about “John Doe,” as his case has been disproven, yet the client still seeks to press charges. “John Doe #2,” the Atlanta-based masseur, has somewhat of a stronger case, as Travolta was in Atlanta during that time frame, filming the movie, “Killing Season.”


Adding to the complication of the case, there is a virtual media storm surrounding these allegations. Two other masseurs have made public statements that Mr. Travolta was sexually inappropriate with them; one on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, and the other at Manhattan's Peninsula Hotel. Travolta's attorneys refute all these accusations, and claim that they are bids for “15 minutes of fame.”