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Singer Justin Bieber Requests Arbitration in Wake of Trial Scheduling

Monday, December, 15, 2014

Celebrity entertainer Justin Bieber, accused along with one of his bodyguards of engaging in battery and assault, has officially requested arbitration as a trial date has been set for the lawsuit to proceed.


The charges were filed by paparazzo Jeffery Binion in Miami. Binion claims Bieber and his bodyguard attacked him when he took photos of the celebrity on the street, which is perfectly legal. He also claims he was shown a gun by the bodyguard, and that others who did not participate in the actual assault took possession of his camera and deleted the photos while he was held.


Binion’s lawyers describe the arbitration request as a stalling tactic. However, Bieber’s attorneys point out that the arbitration is non-binding and actually does not affect the trial date. Arbitration, they claim, is simply a way of settling the issue more efficiently and quickly, not delay it. Delay, they claim, would actually hurt Mr. Bieber more, as he is a public figure who would benefit from having the issue resolved more quickly.


Bieber’s attorneys have not been kind in their description of Binion, who they describe as similar to Jake Gyllenhaal's character in the film “Nightcrawler,” who is a sociopath who stages bloody crimes in order to be the first to film them. However, if the photos were taken in a public area, Bieber had no right to detain Binion or delete the photos, as even celebrities have no reasonable expectation of privacy on a public street.