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Olympic Swimmer Requests Arbitration after Mediation Fails

Wednesday, June, 29, 2016

South Korean Olympic hopeful Park Tae-Hwan has requested the Court of Arbitration for Sport oversee proceedings now that his mediation with the Korean Olympic Committee has been unsuccessful. Park is a four-time Olympic medalist swimmer who won in the 2008 Games. He recently finished serving a year and a half long doping suspension after using Testosterone, a banned substance for Olympic athletes. Park claims he was unknowingly injected with the substance by his chiropractor.


Following the suspension, the Korean Olympic Committee added additional punishment and suspended park from the national teams, including the Olympic Team, for three years.


Park is believed to be the first to suffer the ramifications of the extended suspension. He requested mediation with the Korean Olympic Committee, which failed. The Court of Arbitration for Sport assists with both mediation and arbitration. Should the Korean Olympic Committee fail to respond to the Court of Arbitration for Sport’s request for arbitration, Park and his attorney would file a lawsuit in South Korean court.


According to the Korean Olympic Committee, the goal is to ensure national athletes are held to the highest morality standards. Since doping is against Olympic policies and is considered unfair, the committee takes a stern stance on Korean athletes using banned substances. Korea instituted something known as the Osaka Rule that disqualifies any athlete suspended for more than six months for doping from the next Olympic Games.


Park is considered one of the most famous athlete in South Korea. He has four gold Olympic medals, including a gold from the Beijing Olympics for the 400 freestyle.