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New Arbitration Center in the British Virgin Islands Opens Its Doors

Saturday, December, 24, 2016

The British Virgin Islands now offers a new option for businesses to resolve disputes peacefully and without the expense or frustration of a trial. The British Virgin Islands new arbitration center is formally open for business and many of the world’s most high profile figures in arbitration are supporting the center. The goal of organizers is to make the center the “go-to forum” for commercial arbitrations throughout the world.

The center is located at the Ritter House on Wickhams Cay II. It will administer arbitrations under its own rules, and offer support for any self-administered ad hoc arbitrations. The center also plans to offer financial administration, help with travel arrangements, logistical and technical support for meetings and hearings, and general administrative and linguistic assistance.

According to the center, the arbitrators that will be working through the center are the reason it will be a popular destination for global arbitrations. John Beechey, former president of the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce and one of the world’s best known arbitrators will serve as chairman of the board of directors at the center. In addition to Beechey, the center will be home to a roster of international arbitration and dispute resolution experts that come from common law and civil law jurisdictions. Arbitrators have a variety of skills and experience and will be capable of conducting arbitrations in a variety of languages.

In addition to the staff on hand at the center, organizers also point to the location, and encourage those involved in disputes worldwide to consider all the destination of the British Virgin Islands has to offer.