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Middle Eastern Arbitration Forum Meets in Salalah

Tuesday, September, 13, 2011

The GCC Commercial Arbitration Forum is holding its 16th annual meeting in the Hilton Hotel of Salalah.  This city is located in Oman and serves as the seat of regional government for the province of Dhofar.  The title of the conference is "Arbitration in Administrative Contracts," with presentation sessions focusing on this aspect of the alternative dispute resolution technique known as arbitration.


Arbitration Forum Organized by Oman


Government entities participated in the organization of the conference, with the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based in Salalah, working in cooperation with the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre in that nation.  The Deputy Governor of Dhofar Province, Shaikh Abdullah bin Saif al Mahrouqi, have been reported to have been instrumental in helping to set up the event. 


The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre is semi-official in nature, working in cooperation with the judicial branches of government in states that follow the Arab Gulf Cooperation Council guidelines.  In Middle Eastern arbitration matters, the GCC plays an important role in helping to settle disputes that arise over the terms and implementation of administrative contracts, but it also helps parties in dispute to settle other kinds of disagreements and provides general information on arbitration techniques to interested parties.


It has been reported that among the presenters will be Dr. Yousef Mabrak al Salili, who works at Kuwait University as a professor of Civil and Commercial Legal Procedures.  His specialties include arbitration legislation in the Arab world, jurisdictional issues involved in arbitration, and the application of principles of government arbitration.