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Legal Arbitration to Resolve Teacher's Dispute In Roxana, IL

Friday, November, 2, 2012

The school district of Roxana, Illinois and its teachers union met with an arbitration attorney to figure out whether or not the district's teacher meetings during non-student planning is in violation of a current contract.

The dispute is in regards to whether the Roxana district can force teachers to have 30 minute meetings weekly in teams during time that was originally set aside for the teachers to set up self-directed planning.

Both Sides Meet With Arbitration Attorney

Illinois Education Association Region 6 Director Ric Stephenson spoke on behalf of the Roxana Education association, saying that each side had met with an arbitration lawyer, presented their case, called witnesses and submitted evidence.

The legal arbitration process will require an arbitration attorney to be chosen from a list of names with both sides coming to an agreement as to which lawyer will be chosen to handle the case. Both sides will share the cost of the proceedings according to special counsel to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board in Chicago's John Brosnan.

Arbitration is less formal than going to actual trial and follows a routine of guidelines. Both sides will be able to make opening statements, call upon the testimony of witnesses and cross examination will be heard.

Arbitration Proceedings Have Begun

The Illinois Education Association office in Edwardsville, Illinois is where the arbitration is being held, and began on Tuesday, October 23rd. The proceedings started at 9am and finished at 6pm. Summaries including both parties' positions must be included in a brief and submitted by December. The arbitration attorney said that he would come to a decision and ultimate ruling in January.

Both sides agreed to go into contract arbitration to come to an agreement. The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board recommends the arbitration process so that bargaining can lead to both parties reaching an agreement through interpretation in a more collectively interactive manner.