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Legal Arbitration Ensues As Speedskating Trials Are Set To Begin

Friday, October, 5, 2012

As we continue to follow the arbitration case against the US speedskating coach, Jae Su Chun, we are now learning more details of the case. Speedskaters will be chosen to represent the U.S. at trials in Salt Lake City over the weekend to compete for the World Cup in Calgary, however one U.S. team may find a bit of tension in the air while the trials unfold. Part of the team is claiming that their coach, Jae Su Chun, has been physically, emotionally, and verbally abusing team members over the course of training and wants him to be terminated from his position, while other members of the team support the coach.

A legal arbitration hearing is said to have been arranged to happen on October 8, and will include talks over the filing of charges that Chun forced one team member, Simon Cho, to purposefully damage the skates of an opposing Canadian skater. Part of the arbitration filing includes an account from Cho, claiming the incident to have been his “darkest secret”, but that he followed through with the act after having been demanded to do so by Coach Chun.

Team’s Valuable Asset Defends Coach Over Arbitration Filing Claims

2010 Olympic bronze medalist Lana Gehring, is standing by and supporting coach Chun, claiming that the allegations of verbal, emotional, and physical abuse are “baseless”, and a “false attack on his character”. She also claimed that she looked at the scandal as a great tool to hone her focusing skills while on the ice, that she defends the coach wholeheartedly and stated during an interview that she hopes “it will be all over soon”. Gehrig is said to be one of the fiercest competitors in the sport at this time.

Arbitration Lawyers From Olympic-Employed Firm

The U.S. speedskating World Cup team will be chosen on Sunday and will include ten male members and ten female members. Any of the contenders who qualify will be allowed to wait seven days so they can decide whether or not they wish to compete pending the outcome of Chun’s coaching status. A team of arbitration lawyers from the U.S. Olympic Committee backed firm White & Case will be working to finish their findings. Athletes who qualify to compete for the World Cup will be given a chance to render their decision following the ruling of the case.

Since the hearing is once again delayed to November 1, 2012, we will need to stay tuned.