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Godzilla Remake Disputants Denied Arbitration by Judge

Wednesday, May, 15, 2013


Despite the decision to take the dispute to mediation, it appears that executives of Legendary Pictures and the producers of the upcoming Godzilla remake will eventually find themselves in front of a judge and jury.  While the production company attempted to compel arbitration, a judge denied the request.  Now, Stanton L. Stein, the attorney for producers Roy Lee, Dan Lin and Doug Davison has stated, “We’re not interested in arbitration, we want a jury to hear this case. I understand why they don’t want public scrutiny of this case. I understand why they don’t want their behavior being made public.” 

The dispute stems from events last year in which the production studio attempted to remove the producers from its payroll and only paying them $25,000 in severance.  A lawsuit soon followed when the producers refused the arrangement, prompting their own cross-complaint that Legendary Studios was guilty of breach of contract.  The Godzilla remake is set to be released in May of 2014 and in their countersuit, the producers want compensatory damages, participation in sequels or prequels, as well as screen credit for their participation in the project. 

The studio then requested that Judge Abraham Khan move the case to arbitration.  However, according to Khan, “The Court finds that opposing parties never impliedly or otherwise consented to the written arbitration provisions, based upon the substantial evidence filed in opposition.”  The parties now have until September 13 to participate in mediation in an attempt to resolve the dispute.  They will be back in court on September 27 to inform the judge of whether or not mediation was a success and await further instruction if it is not