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Decision Pending in Jon Jones Arbitration

Wednesday, November, 23, 2016

Following a US Anti-Doping Agency arbitration hearing recently, Jon Jones awaits a ruling from the arbitrator.  The hearing was scheduled following a positive drug test by Jones prior to his scheduled UFC 200 main event bout.  The arbitration hearing was a day-long event, but so far, has not produced any kind of definitive ruling.


Jones tested positive in July for prohibited substances before his UFC 200 fight and was removed from the bout as a result.  During a Nevada Athletic Commission hearing a month later, the Nevada Deputy Attorney General revealed the positive test for Hydroxy Clomiphene and Letrozole metabolite.


According to Jones and his attorney, Jones did not willfully ingest any banned substances and that the positive test was a result of a contaminated supplement.  According to Jones’ attorney, the team was able to establish the source of the prohibited substance that came from a product not labeled as containing the substance.  The team had it tested and determined the supplement did indeed contain traces of both banned substances for which Jones tested positive. Furthermore, ever subsequent time it was tested, the test came back positive, despite the lack of listing the substances on the product label.


Jones’ attorney points out that despite the consistent tests, a post-arbitration interview with the MMA Fighting organization still took more than nine hours.  Arguments were made during the hearing similar to what would have been brought to a courtroom.  Jacobs gave no further explanation of what was presented, and stated “I think that the evidence all came in and we’re happy with sort of how the case went…” He finished his statement by pointing out the decision is now in the hands of the arbitrator.