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Contract Arbitration Set for Airport Sculpture Dispute

Wednesday, May, 9, 2012

Contract arbitration is set for a dispute between John F. Kennedy Airport's Terminal 1 and the artist of a two-story sculpture featured inside the terminal. The artist, Alice Aycock, claims that this is a breach of contract between her and the Terminal 1 administration.

The Core of the Legal Arbitration


The management of Terminal 1 at JFK Airport planned to use the space that the statue occupies for new concession stands and to close the circular opening between the two floors of the terminal. Removal of the statue could not be accomplished without destroying the sculpture.


In the litigation papers that Ms. Aycock filed, she claimed that according to the contract between her and the terminal's management from 14 years ago, the sculpture called “Star Sifter” could not be removed unless it was “requred or necessary.” It is Ms. Aycock's claim that new concession stands do not fit either qualification.

Where Things Stand Prior to Arbitration


Robert W. Sweet, a federal judge based out of Manhattan New York placed a temporary restraining order on the terminal on April 23. This restraining order specifically blocks the dismantling of “Star Sifter” until the arbitration is resolved.


Aycock's arbitration attorney, Stephen P. Younger, stated that Aycock and her legal team are pleased that JFK Terminal 1's management has been cooperative in this dispute so far. This sculpture is a landmark of Terminal 1, and it is a sign of good faith that Terminal 1 management has agreed to not dismantle the sculpture, and that they have agreed to enter contract arbitration.