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Contract Arbitration For Davenport, IA Police

Monday, August, 13, 2012

The Davenport, IA police force will have to make the best of a wage freeze for the rest of the year, according to recent contract arbitration. Unions that represent five other sectors of city employees have had to settle for the same, in different sessions.

Why is This Arbitration Decision a Disappointment to Davenport's Police Force?


The union representing Davenport PD employees was looking for a 2.5% general wage increase this fiscal year. They made the case that departments in other Iowa cities had received similar increases this fiscal year (2.4% on average).

Why was the City Reluctant to Grant the Union's Wishes?


Many of a Davenport's "bargaining units" (the Fire Dept. and other departments are considered bargaining units for the purposes of contract talks) have a "me too" clause in their contracts. This means that if one unit (such as the police department) receives raises, then other units (such as the Fire Dept.) will receive raises as well.


The five other units the city negotiated with, all accepted pay freezes for this fiscal year, and 1.5% raises for each of the four years thereafter.

More Legal Arbitration for Davenport PD


Rex Wiant, who handled the meetings, said that new rounds of talks will begin again in September. Topics will include health benefits (especially concerning how much officers are expected to put in every month) and future pay raises.


The current contract arbitration is binding for the next fiscal year (until July 2013). Medical care and wage increases are expected to be the two biggest items during the talks.