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Canadian ONTC Union Seeking Binding Arbitration

Friday, October, 23, 2015

ONTC Local 103 has requested binding arbitration be used to settle the current dispute in negotiations. Representatives from the union met recently with ONTC to discuss the current state of contract issues since an application was filed with the Federal Minister of Labor to request a supervised vote on the company’s final offer.


According to a spokesperson from Local 103, there was a meeting with members throughout the entire system and the vast majority of them spoke out against ONTC’s rules. There is no reason to believe the offer will get a vote of approval, based on what was discussed in the meeting.


The ONTC filed a request in early October. The minister than contacted the union and stated she would be willing to accept submissions by October 20th, with her decision coming sometime after.


The union has criticized the company’s unilateral approach to negotiating and states it does not provide any certainty in bargaining. This is why the union is requesting final and binding arbitration. The proposal for arbitration also includes a provision that the union and ONTC select a fair and impartial arbitrator with previous knowledge of the federal sector and the railway industry. Many arbitration participants look for experienced arbitrators to reduce the time and money it takes to resolve an issue. The less time it takes to get the third-party up to speed the faster and more efficient the arbitration process, something that is in the best interest of all parties involved.


The ONTC plans to review the proposal for arbitration and respond to it in the coming days.