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Baseball Arbitration Unlikely for Phillies' Pitcher Roy Oswalt

Wednesday, November, 2, 2011

Whenever baseball arbitration season arrives, predictions as to who will receive arbitration offers proliferate.  When it comes to the Philadelphia Phillies, analysts expect that both Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Madson will be offered arbitration.  Neither player is considered likely to accept such an offer.   Pitcher Roy Oswalt, on the other hand, is considered unlikely to be extended an arbitration offer.  In part, this is because the Phillies have already declined an option that related to Oswalt. 


Pros and Cons of Baseball Arbitration


Still, if the team offers him arbitration and he rejects it to sign with another franchise, the Phillies would be entitled to two early picks in the upcoming draft.  Any offer is risky, however, since Oswald might accept it and go on to be awarded a salary figure that could potentially reach as much as $16 million.  This might be far more than the Phillies are willing to pay, particularly considering that Oswalt's major league career has already spanned longer than a decade.


Added to this is the difficulty that the Phillies' management might still be reeling from a similar scenario that occurred several years ago.  The franchise extended an arbitration offer to Placido Polanco, who accepted the offer despite a general feeling that he was unlikely to do so.  The team ended up trading Polanco away.