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Arbitrator Falls Asleep on the Job

Friday, April, 29, 2016

Kendall County officials recently announced they don’t want to pay for the services of an arbitrator who fell asleep on the job. The arbitration involved the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office and the Fraternal Order of Police. They were working with a federal arbitrator to help them settle a complaint from a sheriff’s office employee that was filed in 2015.


The event in question occurred during a testimony last fall when the arbitrator reportedly fell asleep several times throughout the proceedings. The arbitrator is requesting compensation for his time and has reported that the police union has already paid its share of his bill. A representative from the sheriff’s office has stated they are willing to pay the arbitrator for the day he worked when he wasn’t sleeping.


Following the events, the sheriff’s office and the Fraternal Order of Police agreed on a new arbitrator to oversee the proceedings and review transcripts of the testimony given during the initial arbitration hearings. The sheriff’s office has also offered to pay the sleeping arbitrator the difference between his fees and that of the new arbitrator, essentially taking the new arbitrator’s payment out of the total amount allocated for the original arbitration.


According to those involved in the initial arbitration, the sleeping events are on tape. Reportedly, the video shows the arbitrator sleeping on eight separate occasions during the hearing. The longest period of time he slept for at one span was two minutes and ten seconds. Each time he slept for at least 30 seconds.